Phoebe Gates Height, Age, Career & More

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Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest daughter of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. She currently studies at a prestigious private school. She lives with her family in their Washington home. As of 2021, Phoebe Gates’ net worth is about $10 million.

Early Days and Family

Phoebe Adele Gates was born on September 14, 2002, in Medina, Washington. Phoebe has two older siblings, Jennifer Katharine and Rory John Gates. Bill and Melinda Gates did their best to keep Phoebe and her siblings out of the public eye as much as possible.

The Gates’ children were raised to learn the value of money. Phoebe and her siblings oftentimes had to earn their allowances through performing household chores.

Her elder sister Jennifer Katherine Gates is now 23 years old and is engaged to Nayal Nassar. She is a talented Equestrian. Meanwhile, her elder brother Rory John Gates is an MBA graduate and is looking to continue his father’s legacy at Microsoft. All of Bill Gates’ children are not that flamboyant and want to follow a simple life. That’s what makes them special as they don’t share their magnificent lifestyle in social media.

Education and Personal Interests

Although Phoebe does take an interest in her father’s business, her true passion lies in art forms. She has been taking dance classes since an early age, and currently takes ballet lessons. She has received lessons from the prestigious Julliard School. The trajectory of her career is still in question. She is currently studying at the private Lakeside School.

Unlike her older sister, Phoebe Gates is not currently active on many social media platforms. She is said to be single at this time. Much of her life up until now has been kept very private, so there isn’t a lot of information on her personal life.

Regarding her personal interests, Phoebe is a trained dancer and attends art courses in ballet at Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. Like her father, she also has an interest in computers.

Phoebe Adele Gates Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

At the age of 18, Phoebe stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm. Meanwhile, she weighs around 52 kg or 115 pounds. Her body measurements are not available at the moment. Her hair color is brown/blonde and eye color is dark brown.

Bill & Melinda Gates Divorce – How does this affect Phoebe Adele Gates‘ Net Worth?

The finances of divorces can be tricky but it is without a doubt that Phoebe Gates’ net worth will be affected in Bill & Melinda’s divorce in 2021. This includes any legal alimony and/or child support. Depending on the court case and agreements, there will be distribution of finances involved. with Phoebe receiving a certain percentage in the divorce. With Bill having a net worth of over $130 billion, Phoebe Gates is expected to get some of this.

Phoebe Adele Gates Net Worth  

Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and he intends to donate much of his riches to charities. He also wants to make sure that his children complete their education and make a living for themselves. Phoebe and her siblings each expect to earn a $10 million inheritance.