Michael Reeves Net Worth: How Rich is the Offline TV YouTube Star?

Michael Reeves Net Worth

Michael Reeves Net Worth: Michael Reeves is a YouTuber from the United States who has his own channel. He is also a former software contractor who creates humorous material centered on technology and programming. On his channel, he explores with new technologies and builds various sorts of robots. As of 2021, Michael Reeves has a projected net worth of $1 million.

Before becoming famous on YouTube, he worked as a full stack engineer at the University of Hawaii. He also established the firm Infibit. He has a relationship with fellow YouTuber Lilypichu.

Real Name Michael Reeves
DOB November 20, 1997
Height 5’4″
Weight Unknown
Location Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Dating?  Yes, Dating Lily “lilypichu” Ki
Source of Wealth YouTube, Twitch, etc.
Net Worth $1 million

Michael Reeves Early Life

Michael Reeves was born in Hawaii and raised there. He taught himself to code while in high school and finally obtained career in software development.

Michael Reeves Net Worth as a Content Creator

Michael Reeves posted his first YouTube video on April 17, 2017, and it became an instant hit.  How could video titled “The Robot That Shines Laser in Your Eye” fail to go viral?  Especially when you construct the robot yourself and the video has Michaels’ sense of humour.

Following his first success, Michael Reeves continued to produce similar films in which he embarks on strange yet amusing projects, several of which became viral, such as The Roomba that Screams, The Surgery Robot, and Tazer Tag.
Michael Reeves joined the prominent content producer group OfflineTV in December 2019, together with Disguised Toast, Scarra, Pokimane, and LilyPichu. Michael Reeves live-streamed for the first time on Twitch in June 2020. He was an instant smash broadcasting to over 15,000 people because to his YouTube notoriety and presence on OfflineTV.
From then, his viewership skyrocketed. When Michael goes live these days, he has over 20,000 viewers. Despite this, he only broadcasts twice each month on average, according to Twitch tracker. (which remains more frequent than his YouTube schedule)

Michael Reeves Other Ventures

Aside from his profession in content production, Michael is mostly interested in coding and software development. He works as a software developer for his own company, INFIBIT LLC, as well as a developer for a mobile application for UHMC’s Agricultural Department and the OCET. UHMC is the college where he previously studied before dropping out.

Michael Reeves Income From Twitch

Michael Reeves has over 1.5  million Twitch followers and streams roughly twice a month. Subscriptions, contributions, and ads are how he gets money. Michael Reeves will get a minimum of $2.50, or 50% of the revenue, for each subscription.

Michael Reeves also takes contributions. Fans may give by via his streamlabs tip jar.

Finally, Michael Reeves will make money from Twitch advertising. Twitch advertising are expected to generate about $10 per 1000 average views on a stream.

Michael’s Twitch account is rarely used due to his hectic schedule. Despite the fact that he started his account on October 29, 2019, his account has witnessed amazing growth across all of his streams.

Michael had only broadcast for 40 hours as of August 2021. Despite this, he averaged 17k viewers each stream, with a peak of 30k. In the last three months, he has accumulated around 88k followers.

Michael Reeves Income From YouTube

Michael’s primary emphasis is his YouTube channel, and while he does not publish videos on a regular basis, the process of creating his material takes a long time owing to the sort of information he posts. His YouTube videos are centered on building robots for unusual jobs, such as scream-powered microwaves or gas-powered fishing rods.

Michael Reeves has 7 million followers on YouTube. His YouTube account has no set upload schedule because his videos take months to produce (and sometimes he just prefers to play video games). Every video uploaded by Michael Reeves has at least 10 million views.

Despite his irregular posting schedule, Michael has amassed a sizable following on the network. He presently has 7 million members on the network, with each video receiving an average of 11 million views. He is ranked ~600th in the United States and in the top 200 on the site in the Comedy category.

Michael Reeves Personal Life

Is Michael Reeves in a relationship?
Michael is now dating Lily “lilypichu” Ki, an Offline TV member and content creator.

Michael Reeves Net Worth

As of 2021, Michael Reeves has a projected net worth of $1 million.