Kal Penn Net Worth: How Rich is Kal, anyway?

Kal Penn Net Worth: How Rich is Kal, anyway?

Kal Penn Net Worth: Kalpana Suresh Modi who is also known as Kal Penn Is a famous American actor who also worked as a White House staff member in the time of Barack Obama. Kal Penn is very famous as an actor and have supported in many TV shows. Kal Penn has a net worth of $15 million.


Kal Penn Early life

Kal Penn was born in Montclair, New Jersey. He was born to Indian immigrant parents who are working in New Jersey. Kal Penn is 43 years old.  His mother used to work for a successful preference company, while his father was an engineer working at the Montclair city, New Jersey. His parents used to take him to Gujarat for spending vacations. Since childhood, he can speak Gujarati very well because of the frequent visits.


In his early life, he studied at Marlboro Middle School in Marlboro Township located in New Jersey. He has also shown interest in playing baritone saxophone for a local Jazz band. He was very active in all sorts of activities as a child He went to Howell High School where he studied art and theatre. He has his graduation degree from UCLA where he studied Sociology and Film.


Kal Penn Career

His real name is Kalpana Suresh Modi however his acting name is Kal Penn his first film came in 1998 in Express: Aisle to Glory.

He has worked in many other films also and gave some good characters. The devotion to work was great to see as he always gave his best.

He also became a member of the White House when Obama was the president. There are various other roles that he has played very effectively which made him very popular and famous among the people. He has a huge fan following because of his successful career and vibrant nature. Recently in 2020, he was cast for the lead role in CBS.


Fun Facts About Kal Penn

  • He was born to Indian parents who were immigrants (New Jersey).
  • His father was a successful engineer.
  • His mother used to work for a fragrance company.
  • He belongs to the Democratic political party
  • He can speak Hindi and Gujarati well
  • One of the magazines included him among the 50 most eligible bachelors.
  • He studied sociology and film as a major.


Kal Penn Net Worth: $15 Million

Kal Penn Is a very successful actor in America who is also involved in political activities. He is very famous and popular among all the people of Asia and Europe. He is one of the most successful people with a net worth of $15 million.