John McAfee Net Worth: How Rich Was the CEO of McAfee?

John McAfee Net Worth

John McAfee was a British-American technology entrepreneur. He rose to prominence and wealth as the founder and CEO of McAfee, an anti-virus software company. As of 2021, John McAfee had a net worth of nearly $100 million but dropped to nearly $4 million.

John McAfee’s Death in Spanish Prison

In June 23, 2021, John McAfee was pronounced dead. McAfee antivirus software creator was found dead in a Spanish prison hours after the Spanish court approved his extradition to the U.S. for tax evasion. As of June 23, 2021 his death is being investigated.

John McAfee’s Net Worth

Although his net worth is expected to be $100 million, he made many poor investments and loss significant amount during the GFC (Great Financial Crisis) of 2008 and in 2012 when the Belize government took everything from McAfee for the suspected murder of a neighbor.

“On Tuesday, McAfee told CNNMoney he’s lost everything. Only a tiny fraction of his one-time $100 million net worth survived the 2008 market crash. But his fortunes really took a hit in 2012, when McAfee fled Belize police who aggressively sought him for questioning on the death of his neighbor.

The government raided his jungle compound and seized everything inside. The buildings on McAfee’s property later burned down under suspicious circumstances.

“Everything I owned was in Belize. I left with nothing in my pocket,” he said.

John McAfee’s Net Worth and Career

Following his departure from McAfee Associates, he launched the firms Tribal Voice (creators of the PowWow chat application), QuorumEx, and Future Tense Central, among others, and held senior positions at Everykey, MGT Capital Investments, and Luxcore, among others. Smartphone apps, bitcoin, yoga, and herbal antibiotics were among his personal and professional interests. He lived in Belize for several years before returning to the United States in 2013, when he was needed in Belize for questioning.

John McAfee’s Last Tweet

Prior to his death a few days earlier, he had some words regarding power and democracy.