Jay Shetty Net Worth : How Rich is the Urban Monk, Jay?

Jay Shetty Net Worth : How Rich is the Urban Monk, Jay?

Jay Shetty Net Worth: Jay Shetty or “Urban Monk” is a famous YouTube celebrity from London, UK. Jay Shetty is a host of digital morning show for the Huffington Post, where he was there for 8 years. As of 2021, Jay Shetty has net worth of over $3 million.


Jay Shetty Early Life

Jay Shetty is 33 years old and was born in London, UK, on September 6, 1987.  Jay Shetty is a natural British-born citizen but his ethnicity is Indian.

One of the most profound moments of his life was when he lost two of his best friends in a tragic accident. After graduation, because of the incident, he travelled to India to find purpose and direction in his life. He travel to India to become a Monk.


Jay Shetty Personal Life

Jay Shetty, since youth, has always been fascinated by behavioral health science and ancient wisdom. While discovering his passions, Jay spent many of his summers and vacations in India trying to find the balance and blend between the sciences and ancient arts.

Moreover, Jay has traveled to different parts of India and Europe for over 3 years trying to find balance and blend between self improvement and humanitarian work.

With that, Jay has deep knowledge and has a passion to share the content to encourage others to improve themselves.

Jay Shetty Career & Net Worth as a Youtube Star

Jay Shetty has over 170 million YouTube views, joining in Sept 19, 2013. Jay Shetty has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube contributing to his overall net worth. He is also a podcaster and online speaker. Jay Shetty also has a Facebook account with over 20 million followers.

Jay Shetty actually began his career as a social media leader (coach) at Accenture. Fortunately, while working there he caught eye of Arianna Huffington who then placed him into Huffington Post. Jay Shetty took his digital content skills and made videos for Huffinton Post.

Jay Shetty launched his YouTube channel on September 19, 2013. Following his experiences at Huffington Post, his videos covered several topics, such as mental health sciences, personal relationship, health wellness, and life purpose.

  • Jay Shetty is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.
  • Jay Shetty is also #1 for Health podcast on purpose.
  • He has also written a book “Think like a Monk.”
  • His religion is Hinduism, and he has a tattoo on his neck.


Jay Shetty Net Worth

Jay Shetty with all the millions of online followers, books, speaking engagements, and digital movement he has taken on the role of the modern day “Urban Monk.” Jay Shetty’s passion as the Urban Monk has contributed greatly to his net worth. Jay Shetty’s net worth is over $3 million from all of his books, content creator for Youtube, and other digital engagements.

[images via Jay Shetty/Instagram]