How Rich is RHOSLC Star Actually?


Jen Shah Net Worth: Jen Shah is an American businesswomen and reality television star best known for being one of the cast members on “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”. As of 2021, Jen Shah net worth is estimated to be roughly $3 million.

Full Name Jennifer Liu Shah
Birthdate October 4, 1973
Born Place Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America
Age 47 years old
Husband Sharieff Shah
Height 5 feet 4 inches or 163 cm tall
Net Worth $3 million

Early Life and Parents

Jen was born on October 4, 1973, as one of six children to Sione Kaisa Lui and Charlene Bonnie Vincent Lui. Her father was born in Tonga while her mother was born in Hawaii. Jen’s father Sione moved to the U.S, first to Hawaii, and then to Utah where he went to Brigham Young University. He then went to Mormon University where he met his wife.

Unfortunately, Jen’s father passed away in 2018 leaving behind his wife Charlene, children Jen, Judd, Jenohn, Jessica, Jerrit, and Jacob along with their spouses, and grandchildren.


Not much is known about where Jen graduated from. What we know is that she is the founder and CEO of three local companies: JAX Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, her business has grown exponentially which resulted in hiring more assistants to run her operations.

Jen is one of the cast members of the reality television show “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”. She revealed on the show that she is in love with her business.

Jen Shah Husband- Sharrieff Shah

Jen is married to Sharrieff Shah, a football coach at the University of Utah. He is also a former player who played for the Utes during the 1990 to 1993 seasons. Sharrieff is the cornerbacks/special teams coordinator for the Utes football team.

Jen and Sharrieff first met in college. The lovely couple are blessed with two children named Sharrieff Shah Jr. and Omar Shah. Both are standout football players.

Omar Shah plays for the East High School football team and is set to graduate in 2021. Meanwhile, Sharrieff Jr. received a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and kinesiology from the University of Utah in 2016.

Jen Shah Net Worth

As of 2020, Jen Shah net worth is estimated to be roughly $3 million. Most of that money came from her three businesses: JAX Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes.

Jen is not shy to flaunt her wealth. During an online spat with RHOD star Brandi Redmond, Jen revealed that she owns four houses and an apartment in New York.