How Rich is Melody Holt Actually?

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Melody Holt Net Worth: Melody Holt is an American businesswoman and television star best known for her appearance on the television show “Love and Marriage: Huntsville”. As of 2020, Melody Holt net worth is estimated to be $4.5 million.

Net Worth (as of 2021) $4 million
Date of Birth November 11, 1985
Age 34 years old
Born Place Brundidge, Alabama, United States
Nationality American
Source of Wealth Entrepreneur, Television star
Husband Married to Martell Holt

Melody’s Early Childhood

Melody was born on November 11, 1985, in Brundidge, Alabama. She went to Alabama A&M University where she graduated with a degree in education. After graduating, she worked as an English teacher for some years and then focused on real estate dealings with her husband Martell Holt.

Melody Holt’s Net Worth and Career

Melody and her husband Martell started their company “Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC” in 2007. They started as a lawn business but later grew unto property preservation, including commercial businesses. The company focuses on property rehab, restoration, expansion, and remodels along with lawn care.

Although Melody and Martell have thrived in business dealings, many know them as a power couple who appears on the reality television series “Love and Marriage: Huntsville”. The TV series shows three African-American couples coming together to form a real estate venture in Huntsville, Alabama. All these three couples are longtime friends. The show also focuses on their personal life.

Aside from real estate dealings and television appearance, Melody is also active in other areas too. She serves as an advisor to the College of Business and Public Affairs at Alabama A&M University. She is also the chair of the Huntsman/Madison County Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Council.

Melody Holt also shares her voice through featuring on magazines like Sheen Magazine, Valley Weekly, and 256 Magazine. She also participates in several engagements such as The Vivica A. Fox Legendary Brunch.

Regarding her personal life, she is married to entrepreneur Martell Holt. They got married in 2008 and have four children together including Martell Jr., Marian, and Maliah Selene.

Melody Holt’s Personal Life

Melody is married to Martell Holt, a life partner as well as a business partner. On July 20, 2008, they married. Maliah, Mariah, Martell, and Malani are the names of her four children.

Since their appearance on the reality show, Holt’s relationship with her husband has been the talk of the town. When she discovered Martell dating another woman, their relationship took a hit. She and her four children fled the house after a cheating accusation. She even filed for divorce, but the couple eventually reconciled. According to a few sources, they are living together solely because they are executive producers of the reality show.

Melody Holt’s overall net worth is expected to reach about $2 million dollars by 2021. Her real estate firm and reality TV program have netted her a sizable fortune. Melody makes $56K from her TV shows alone. In addition, she is a motivational speaker. From the motivational speaking engagement, she earns $196 per hour. Melody is also making a good living off of her Instagram post, which pays her roughly $6K for boosting a brand post.

Melody Holt Net Worth

As of 2021, Melody Holt’s personal earnings is estimated to be $4 million. When combined with her husband’s personal wealth they have a total of $20 million. A vast chunk of that money is from their business dealings with clients and also appearance on television series.