How Rich is Elaine Culotti Actually?

Elaine Culotti

Elaine Culotti is an American real estate developer and interior designer. She is known to many for her appearance on the television show “Undercover Billionaires”. As of 2021, Elaine Culotti net worth is estimated to be roughly $200 million.

Early Life

Elaine was born on July 20, 1964, to an Irish-American father and English-born mother. Her mother had a rough start to her life as she survived on the street hoping to get some money. However, due to her courage, and just at the age of 14, she stepped into business and invested in importing textiles and antiquities. Her father meanwhile was in the military.


Elaine had an insight into the business from an early age. When she was a teenager, she ran a small-shoe shine business. She sold her business to some man at the age of 23. But the man couldn’t run the business successfully, and she had to take it back. She then made a huge amount of money and sold it later to a different man.

From the age of 14, she stepped into the business world through importing and collecting antiques. She then launched her design firm, retail store, and manufacturing facility. After that, she turned into a bigger industry, a construction business, and made her name as one of the industry’s top players.

Over the years, she has developed from luxury homes to casinos and hospitals. She is also the mastermind behind Santa Monica’s ‘House of Rock’, a 1926 Tudor style mansion which she upgraded to a new level.

Elaine is now appearing on Discovery Channel’s ‘Undercover Billionaire’. The show puts her to the test as she lands up in California with only $!00, a phone, and a car. Within a 90 days period, she has to build a successful business from scratch.

Who is Elaine Culotti’s Husband?

Regarding her personal life, she is married to Gary Culotti but we can’t confirm whether they are still together. Her husband Gary was also involved in her design and helped in several real estate dealings. He used to look after the manufacturing section of their business.

Elaine and Gary have two children together named Leonardo and Jessica Culotti.

Elaine Culotti Net Worth

As of 2021, Elaine Culotti net worth is estimated to be roughly $200 million. Her successful real estate business has helped to amass that amount of fortune. Looking at her personal fortune, she owns the Big Z Ranch in Fallbrook, where she farms everything from palm trees to vegetables and fruits.