How Rich is David Oancea, Actually?

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Vegas Dave Net Worth: David Oancea known famously as Vegas Dave is an American entrepreneur and betting expert. He is also a sports consultant working on top sports shows like ESPN, Fox Sports, and Forbes. Vegas Dave net worth at the moment is estimated to be $20 million.

Vegas Dave’s overall net worth was accumulated as a sports consultant as well as being an entrepreneur.

Early Life of Vegas Dave

Vegas Dave was born on December 10, 1976, in Saline, Michigan, and grew up in Ann Arbor. He then moved to Hawaii for some time. He started his gambling career after moving from Honolulu, Hawaii. David’s gambling career was started with no money. He took a $10,000 student loan while attending the University of Nevada. He placed entire money on roulette and doubled his money. David then had $20,000 to start his gambling career.

Vegas Dave Career

Some of his betting skills has been quite impressive. In 2012, he predicted that Ravens would win the Super Bowl. He bet $8,000 and earned a total of $208,000. At the start of the 2013 All-Star Break, he predicted that the Boston Red Sox would win the World Series. He bet $30,000 and received a payout of $340,000. In 2015 All-Star Break, he predicted that the Texas Rangers would win the AL West. ESPN gave them a .05% chance of winning the West. However, Dave put $80,000 on the Rangers and received a payout of $580,000.

His most impressive betting was in 2016 when he placed a bet on the Atlanta Falcons to win the NFC at 10-1 odds. He received a record-breaking $2 million making it the biggest payout for an NFL conference sports bet.

Dave became famous in the gambling circuit in 2016 when he won $2.3 million when Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

According to his website, Dave has now retired from sports betting and has been pursuing Vegas Dave consulting LLC full-time. He is an acclaimed sports betting consultant and provides membership packages for client all over the world.

Regarding his personal life, Vegas Dave is currently dating Holly Sonders who is known for being the former host of Fox Sports. They had their first date at a Strip Club during Thanksgiving. Holly and Vegas Dave are thinking of marriage.

Vegas Dave Net Worth


Vegas Dave Net Worth

Vegas Dave claims his personal fortune to be $20 million but shows no proof to back up that figure. He has Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Ferrari 488 Spider which he doesn’t like and simply put it in the garage.

Oancea also owns a seven-bedroom villa in Cabo and a 7,000 square foot home plus a two-bedroom condo in Vegas. He claims he has a $1.3 million collection of Hermes Birkin bags. He has won uncountable bets and some of those bets he won are over $2 million.

Recently, he sold a one-of-a-kind signed Mike Trout rookie car for a mammoth $3.9 million during an online auction. He bought the card in 2018 via eBay for around $400,000.

Dave predicted Holly Holm would upset Ronda Rousey, the undefeated UFC champion, in 2015. He wagered $20k and received a reward of $240k. The prize money was a UFC record.

Oancea has recently been barred from practically all Las Vegas casinos. They refuse to accept his bets because Dave has cost them a lot of money and there is no end in sight. The casinos have vowed never to approve such big rewards again. Dave chose to resign from sports betting and launch his own sports betting consultancy firm for clients that share his enthusiasm for sports betting. He now has over 10,000 customers.