How Rich is Bling Empire Star Actually?

Guy Tang is an Asian-American hairstylist best known for being one of the stars on the Netflix series ‘Bling Empire’. As of 2021, Guy Tang net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


Full Name Guy Tang
Occupation Hair Stylist, Social Media
Ethnicity Chinese-Vietnamese
Husband Almar Guevarra
Birth Day July 26, 1981
Birth Place Tulsa, OK
Birth Sign Leo

Guy Tang Early Life

Guy Tang was born on July 26, 1981, and belongs to Asian Ethnicity. He was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not much is known about his personal life including his parent’s detail. What we know is that his father is Chinese while his mother is Vietnamese. Tang currently lives in West Hollywood, California. Prior to that, he lived in Long Beach, California.

Tang has confessed that being an Asian has impacted his life. He shared an incident where his Caucasian ex-girlfriend’s uncle pointed a gun at him on his 16th birthday. He expressed his feeling as being one of the haunted moments on his life.

Guy Tang Net Worth and Career on YouTube

Tang started his career as a hair colorist via YouTube. He had a channel where he earned around $5K to $84K a year. After his immense success on YouTube, he launched his own hairstyling product called ‘MyIdentity’. It has now over 380K followers on Instagram. The product on his Instagram page varies from shampoos to dyes and can be bought at an average price of $7. Guy also launched an album named #More2Me in 2020, with music videos featuring his Bling Empire co-stars.

Guy is a Jenks Beauty School graduate who has also completed Paul Mitchell’s training courses.

In addition to that, Guy Tang is a singer. Some of the songs he has written are Closure, Superpowers, and Quit.

Guy Tang is a skilled hairstylist and colorist, as well as a musician with a growing social media following. He rose to prominence as a skilled hair artist thanks to his YouTube channel, which also includes some of his music videos. Guy Tang has developed his own line of hair products, which he sells under the brand name #Mydentity. When rainbow and candy-colored hair first became popular a few years ago, Guy Tang was one of the few hairstylists credited with popularizing the revolutionary trend. Guy regularly posts videos on YouTube and Instagram instructing other professionals on how to properly color hair to achieve the best hues and tones.

Guy Tang Net Worth and Netflix’s New Hit – Empire Bling

Guy Tang is now one of the cast members on the Netflix series ‘Bling Empire’. The program shows the lives of wealthy Asian-American who live in the Los Angeles Area. Some of the other stars to appear on the show are: Kelly Mi Li, Cherie Chan, Anna Shay, Kane Lim, and Jaime Xie.

His product has a separate Instagram account and has over 380K followers. He sells several products from shampoos to dyes. The average cost of a product on his page is around $7.

Tang is also a singer. Some of the songs he has written are Closure, Superpowers, and Quit. However, there is no indication that he earned some money by releasing his songs. He sings for pure entertainment.

Recently, Tang has been cast as one of the members on the new Netflix show ‘Bling Empire’. The series shows the lives of a wealthy Asian-American living in the Los Angeles area. Some of the other high-profile celebrities to appear on the show are Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim, Jaime Xie, Cherie Chan, Kim Lee, and Anna Shay.

Guy Tang – Who is his husband?

Regarding his sexual orientation, Tang is gay. He is married to a guy named Almar Guevarra who worked as a full-time Brain Cancer Research Nurse. Tang and Almar met over 11 years ago and are together since.

Tang openly came out as gay when he was 27 years old. Prior to that, he even had a girlfriend who eventually became his fiancé. But as of now, he is married to Almar and is living a healthy relationship.

He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma to a Vietnamese mother and a Chinese father, and he speaks English, Vietnamese, and Cantonese fluently.

He is married to Almar Guevarra, with whom he has officially been married for over ten years.

Guy Tang Net Worth: $2 million

With his success on YouTube, social media presence, and now being apart of Netflix has increased his net worth significantly. As of 2021, Guy Tang has a net worth of $2 million.


Images via Guy Tang’s instagram: @guy_tang