Hodgetwins Net Worth: How Rich are the Youtube Fitness Twins?

hodgetwins net worth

Kevin and Keith Hodge are twins who rose to prominence as the duo hodgetwins. They co-run a popular YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers as well as an online store selling workout supplements and clothing. Their combined net worth from their YouTube brand and online store is $5 million as of 2021.

Real Name Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge
Nick Name HodgeTwins, Conservative Twins
Age 45 years old
Date of Birth 17 September, 1975
Family Name Hodge
Place of Origin Martinsville, Virginia

Youtube: HodgeTwins

High School Not Disclosed
University American Intercontinental University
Academic Qualification Degree in Finance and Account

Hodgetwins Early Life & Education

Keith and Kevin Hodge, the HodgeTwins, were born in Martinsville, Virginia, USA. They have two older siblings, a brother and a sister. Growing up, the family’s financial situation was dire. As a result, the twins had to fight for even the most basic necessities. Their upbringing prepared them for life in the real world.

In terms of their educational background. The twins earned a degree in Finance and Accounting from American Intercontinental University. Prior to joining corporate jobs, the duo served in the United States Marine Corps. After graduating, they worked for a finance firm before leaving to pursue their passions for fitness and entertainment.

They enlisted in the Marine Corps and had over 500,000 YouTube subscribers by 2013.

Hodgetwins Net Worth & Career

Before becoming comedians, entrepreneurs, and online celebrities, the brothers worked in finance and the United States Marine Corps. Their YouTube channel features a variety of amusing videos, many of which have gone viral.

The online store of Hodgetwins sells protein powder supplements as well as erectile supplements. Fitness apparel, such as branded t-shirts, hoodies, and wristbands, should be added to the list. Clothes for women are not part of their product line because they are primarily aimed at men. Perhaps this will change in the future.

Kevin and Keith are also interested in traditional media, so we might see them in a movie or TV show soon. With their muscular physiques, it’s easy to see why they drew so much attention in the fitness world. Their workout strategies promise significant weight gain, muscle gain, not fat gain.

Hodgetwins Net Worth in YouTube and More

HodgeTwins began their YouTube journey in 2008 by uploading their first video, which quickly resonated with the audience and went viral on youtube. This encouraged them to put more effort into their videos and broaden their content. Aside from their comedic videos, they became well-known for their muscular physique. They then launched TwinMuscle, a website where they share fitness tips and workout videos.

Later that year, they were recognized as international faces and began appearing in television shows. They also began to do brand endorsements and advertisements. Eventually, the twins developed their own merchandise, which included branded clothing and other fitness materials. They want to encourage people to get into shape. In addition, the twins host live stand-up comedies and are engrossed in politics, providing political commentary.

Hodgetwins Personal Life

The twins are inseparable, have a very close bond, and live in their townhouse as neighbors. They have also accepted their new life as married men. They devote themselves to their roles as a husband and father. Keith Hodge married Elizabeth, his best friend of 18 years. They have a lovely family of three children. Kevin, on the other hand, has a happy married life. He has not, however, revealed the name of his wife. Nonetheless, the couple has a family of four children.

Their cousins’ two children were shot, so they used their social media presence to raise funds for their medical bills.

Both twins have been married to their current wives for over 15 years and have returned to their home state of Virginia after spending 17 years in and around Los Angeles.

Hodgetwins Net Worth

In 2008, Kevin and Keith Hodge launched their comedy channel. The channel grew and evolved, and they began to include fitness and relationship advice videos, which resulted in a large number of followers. They have four separate YouTube channels for their extra content, including Hodge Twins, TwinMuscle, AskHodgeTwins, and Hodgetwins vlogs. From this, they have expanded into branding and selling products. As of 2021, the Hodgetwins have a net worth of up to $5 million.