Geoff Keighley Net Worth: How Rich is the Game Show Host?

Geoff Keighley Net Worth

Geoff  Keighley, a Canadian, is a well-known video game TV broadcaster and journalist. He rose to prominence as the host and producer of the GameTrailers TV series and In 2013, the 11th and last season of the GameTrailers TV series aired. As of 2021, Geoff  Keighley has a net worth of over $5 million.

Geoff has produced a number of game award shows. Hosting multiple new game launches, interviewing CEOs, and writing reviews have gained him a reputation as a popular gaming journalist. His marital status is currently single, and he lives a successful life.

Net Worth $5 Million
Real Name Geoff Keighley
Date of Birth 1978
Birth Place Canada
Profession Journalist
Age 43
Height N/A
Country Canada

Geoff Keighley Early Life

Geoff Keighley was born on June 24, 1979 in Canada. In Canada, he is well-known for his work as a video game TV presenter and journalist. He rose to prominence as the host and executive producer of the GameTrailers TV series, which aired its 11th and final season in 2013. He co-hosted Spike’s Video Game Awards with Joel McHale in 2013. He received his magna cum laude degree from the University of Southern California. In 2005, he launched the GameTrailers TV series, which was previously titled Game Head.

Prior to being famous, he graduated with honors from the University of South California. He began his career after completing his schooling at schools in his home country. He began working with various renowned superstars to learn and improve himself, which led to him being who he is today.

David Keighley and Barbara Frum, Keighley’s parents, must be proud of their son for raising such a distinguished journalist and TV show anchor.

Geoff Keighley Net Worth & Career

Keighley is most known for hosting the GameTrailers TV show and co-hosting shows. He began writing for GameSpot in 1998, which was his first foray into the realm of writing. Keighley was invited to assist the creators of Spike’s Video Game Awards with programming in 2006.

Spike renamed as VGX Awards in 2013, modifying its format. Keighley believed it to be more focused on commerce and promotions than on appreciating the accomplishments of video games, thus he left the program.

He self-funded the creation of new game award events, which drew the support of numerous industry executives and publishers. Finally, in December 2014, he introduced The Game Awards. He also conducted interviews with a number of CEOs. Keighley gradually expanded his network to MTV, where he produced and developed content for many game launch presentations.

Keighley worked as a consulting producer on a 5-hour documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel. He began attending the E3 Coliseum, a video gaming expo, in 2017.