Famous People’s Birthday

Numerology has fascinated the human race for centuries. Research has revealed that schools of numerology existed in ancient times where scholars engaged themselves in understanding and exploring on how date of birth directs a person’s behavior, personality and future course of action. It may seem strange that numbers can have an impact on a person’s life, but numerology suggests that every number is unique and has its own qualities and vibrations that influence a person’s life. Similar to the 12 sings of zodiac, which determine a person’s traits and characteristics to a considerable extent, the dates of birth also play pivotal roles in shaping the career and personality of individuals.

Every number has unique ‘energy’ that governs a person’s character in general and may even act as a determining factor in the choices they make. For instance, number 1 is usually associated with fame, strength and pride and people born on this date tend to have leadership qualities which stem from their will power and extreme self-confidence. Similarly, number 2 as a birthdate suggests that the person is likely to be very emotional and sensitive and can be prone to mood swings and anxiety. Usually, such a person needs constant care and is susceptible to depression. Likewise, all the dates (of birth) starting from 1 to 31 render a particular ‘energy’ to the people born on that particular date. The articles below provide an insight to, how with date of birth, the personality traits and characteristics of individuals vary from each other. Explore the articles below and know about various famous people born on different dates.