Craig Groeschel Net Worth: Life Church, Money, Stocks, & Religion.

Craig Groeschel Net Worth: Craig Groeschel  is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church, a multi-site evangelical church with branches in ten states in the United States. As of 2021, Craig Groeschel has a net worth of $5 million.

Craig Groeschel is an American investor as well as the founder and senior pastor of Life Church. Life. The church is an American multi-site church with locations in all ten American states. He is a wonderful man with six children and three sons-in-law. He and his wife have been attributed for a number of life-altering occurrences.

Craig Groeschel’s net worth is predicted to be approximately $5 million as of August 2021, with the majority of his money coming from investments. His existence. The church is one of the most effective life-changing programs in the world, and he is believed to earn only $207,443 from it. Craig has transformed many people’s lives and started various organizations to ensure that everyone lives a beautiful life.


Full Name Craig Groeschel
Net Worth $5 Million
Earning Source Author, Pastor, Former Executive
Birthday 2nd December 1967
Age 53 years
Wife Amy Groeschel
Children’s Six Children
House and Residence Houston, Texas


Craig Groeschel’s Early Life

Groeschel was raised in southern Oklahoma and attended Ardmore High School. Following high school, he attended Oklahoma City University on a tennis scholarship, where he was a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Craig Groeschel’s Net Worth & Career

Craig Groeschel’s career began in a garage, where he founded Life Covenant Church with a few others. However, before beginning, he conducted research on non-churchgoers. Based on his research, he built his church. As a result of his unconventional style, the number of attendees at his Life Covenant Church exploded exponentially, contributing to the success of his church. By 2016, the church had gained enormous prominence and had grown to become the largest in the state. There are now about twenty-five more such churches.

Part of Craig’s strategy was multimedia and the internet. Essentially, he used videos to convey messages to his audience, which quickly gained popularity among churchgoers. He created a website where his fans could confess anonymously—my secret. His first website was the tv. His service and contributions earned his church the title of America’s Most Innovative Church in the outreach journal. This medium to reach his viewers took an unprecedented surge during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 and 2021.

Craig’s career has progressed from associate pastor to director of an oil and gas firm. He has not, however, stopped influencing Christians to live Christ’s life and believe in God. His efforts resulted in the addition of 33 new LifeChurch sites.

He is well-versed in business marketing, having earned a degree in the subject. In addition, Southeastern Christian University has bestowed upon him an honorary doctorate of human letters. He has not ceased working and has regularly spoken at international forums.

Craig has written many books including: The Christian Atheist Participants, Soul Detox, Altar Ego, Battle, From This Day Forward, Hope in the Dark, Weird Participants, Chazown.

Craig Groeschel salary as a director of Gulfport.

Craig receives $207,443 as total compensation for being the director at Gulfport. Additional salary is publicly unavailable but we can assume for as long as he was with Gulfport he made well over six figures.

Craig Groeschel also has a undisclosed salary from his role as a Senior Pastor for Life.Church.


Craig Groeschel’s Personal Life

In the year 1991, Groeschel married Amy. Soon after, he accepted a job as associate pastor with the United Methodist Church. He earned a master of divinity degree after completing Phillips Theological Seminary. Craig was an assistant pastor at the same church in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Amy Groeschel, Craig’s beautiful and supportive wife, is also a co-founder of LifeChurch. She is also a member of’s women’s ministry. Amy, a homeschooling mother, establishes Branch15, a non-profit housing ministry. This is a ministry dedicated to assisting women. She is also a co-author of the SOAR bible review, which is designed specifically for women.

Craig and Amy are the proud parents of six children. He is now a father-in-law since his daughters Catie and Mandy married their true love. He also has a charming and endearing grandson named Cole. He has four more children with Amy: Sam, Joy, Stephan, and Anna.


Craig Groeschel’s Education

Criag chose business marketing as his major in order to earn a bachelor’s degree from the City University of Oklahoma. He also has a master’s degree in divinity from Phillips Theological Seminary.

Craig Groeschel’s Private Jet

There are rumors that Craig Groeschel flies a private jet, however, it is yet to be officially confirmed.

Craig Goreschel’s Social Influence

  • Twitter: 400k+ followers
  • Instagram with more than 900k+ followers.
  • He has a YouTube Channel. YouTube named Life. Chruch that he had created in the year 2007 on the 9th of January.

Craig Goreschel & Gulfport Stocks

According to the Form 4 filed with the SEC, Craig has made over three trades of Gulfport stock since 2014. Craig most recently sold 7,059 shares of GPOR stock for $85,837 on December 15, 2017.

Craig’s biggest trade was selling 7,059 units of Gulfport stock for $85,837 on December 15, 2017. Craig has traded 745 units every 93 days on average since 2011. Craig also owned at least 18,389 Gulfport shares as of December 15, 2017.


Craig Goreschel Net Worth

Craig Goreschel, with his previous role as a director of an energy company, as well as his speaking engagements, senior role at a megachurch, and his books have all contributed to his overall wealth. As of 2021, Craig Goreschel has a net worth of an estimated $5 million.