Angel Strawbridge Net Worth: How Rich is Angel Adoree Actually?

angel adoree strawbridge net worth

Angel Strawbridge, also known as Angel Adoree, is a British author and businesswoman from East London. She is best known for her retail and hospitality company The Vintage Patisserie. Her net worth is undisclosed, but could be estimated to be around $2 million.

Angel is a chartered accountant with a background in business studies who spent a lot of time in London advising businesses on profit and loss.

She began her career as an image consultant at the Aston+Hayes Institute in 2006, before launching The Vintage Patisserie, an online retail store and event business.

Angel quickly expanded her brand by appearing on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den, where she received investment from entrepreneurs Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis. The relationship did not work out after the broadcast, but Angel and Deborah remained friends.


Angel Strawbridge Early Life & Dick Strawbridge

Angel Strawbridge was born April 7, 1978 in East London. Angel’s love for all vintage things began at an early age. At 13, she started collecting vintage clothing from various secondhand shops.

Angel studied business in school, and became a qualified accountant, advising companies on profit and loss. In 2006, Angel decided to follow her passions and attended Aston + Hayes Institute, where she trained to be an image consultant. Her company The Vintage Patisserie took off shortly afterward.

Angel Strawbridge met her husband Dick Strawbridge in 2010 through her television agent. The pair fell in love quickly, and had two children together. They were married in 2015.




Angel Strawbridge Net Worth & Career


In 2000, Angel Strawbridge started a monthly event called the Angel-A Vintage Experience. Friends would come over to listen to jazz music, shop vintage clothing, and drink wine. The Experience was hugely successful.

Angel’s hard work paid off, and in 2007, The Vintage Patisserie was born. Vintage Patisserie is an online retail, events, hospitality and management company. The clientele includes fashion designers such as Paul Smith and Kim Jones. The company caught the attention of local press and was featured in publications such as Sunday Times Style and The Independent.

In 2010, Angel’s desire to expand her company led her to appear on the BBC television series Dragons Den. The show features entrepreneurs who pitch their companies to potential investors. Angel won an investment deal from Deborah Meaden and The Paphitis. In 2011, Angel opened a Vintage Patisserie shop in Hackney, East London.

Angel secured a book deal after her positive television exposure. In 2011, she published the first installment of her series The Vintage Tea Party. She has sold copies worldwide.

In 2016, Angel joined her husband Dick on the television show Escape to the Château. The show chronicled the pair as they purchased a 19th century castle in France and transformed it into their family home.


Angel Strawbridge & Dick Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau.

Dick & Angel Strawbridge has been a staple of Channel 4 television and an inspiration to homeowners everywhere since the debut of the hit show Escape to the Chateau. In Martigné-sur-Mayenne, France, he and his companion, Angel, have been renovating their 45-bedroom mansion Château de la Motte-Husson.

According to The Sun, Dick and Angel paid £280,000 for their chateau in 2015, which is about $388,314.18. The couple fully renovated the chateau, and The Sun values the upmarket value at £2 million, or nearly $2,700,000 in USD.

After their upgrades, the couple has been charging wedding venue fees, with an estimated expense of £34,000 — that’s $47,000 — for a wedding with 80-100 guests. The show, Escape to the Chateauhas been a hit series and has been drawing more and more attention to the international audience. Folks are allured and intrigued by Angel and Dick Strawbridge. To that end, both have been successful and continue to accumulate their overall net worth.


Angel Strawbridge’s Net Worth: $2 Million


As of 2020, Angel Strawbridge has an estimated net worth of $2 million or more. Her success with The Vintage Patisserie earned her a great deal of fortune, and continues to be successful. Additional ventures, including her television appearances and book deals have also boosted her net worth.