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Naomi Simson is a popular Australian entrepreneur, blogger, and author. She is well known for being a judge on the television series The Shark Tank. Below are some of the things you should know about her. As of 2021, Naomi Simson net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

Her mother encouraged her to have a business career

Naomi was born on 22nd February 1964. She was interested in becoming an artist but her mother encouraged her to have a career in business. She credits her for the success she has achieved in the business world.

After graduating from Melbourne University, she worked for several big companies including KPMG, Apple Computer, IBM, and Ansett Australia. She is got married to her husband Stuart King in 2016. Naomi was previously married to Peter Simson and got divorced in 2011. She has two children.

She started her company in 2005

After spending some time in the corporate world, Naomi decided to get out of her comfort zone. She dared to start a new venture by starting an online experience gift retailer company called the   Redballoon. She started with a capital of $25,000 and she operated the business from her house.

The company has grown immensely since it was started to become one of the most successful companies in Australia. In 2017 she sold 50% of the company’s stake to Dave Anderson and together they founded The Big Red Group. The company became a parent company to Redballoon, Adrenaline, Redii.com, and Marketics (Albert AI).

She is one of the ‘Sharks’ on the Shark Tank

Naomi’s popularity increased with the success of her businesses and this made her be selected as one of the judges on the famous television series the Shark Tank. The show allows young and aspiring entrepreneurs from across the world to pitch their businesses and persuade the Sharks to invest in their business ideas.

She is a blogger and an author

Naomi owns NaomiSimson.com a business blog that was ranked second in the 15 top business blogs by Smartcompany.com in 2016. She has also authored a book Ready to Sour: Turn Your Brilliant Idea into a Business which was released in 2016.

Naomi Simson Net Worth is estimated to be around $40 million

She mainly gets her income from her businesses. She has also made money from her blog and her investment on the television show. Naomi has won many awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Lifetime Achievement Silver Stevie Award.